Sunday, 24 October 2010

Resurrection Breath

In Christ all things are made new and history is redeemed; the cross deals with all suffering and we are made new creations. Caught up in God we live eternally. The power of the cross is that all sin is taken up and dealt with; the redeemed live beyond the cross where heaven and earth meet. The redeemed live in the resurrection power of God.

This Earth is and will be a new Earth and through the cross the whole universe is seen to be in the will of God, from the beginning freed for eternity. This happens now as grace invades our consciousness and our wills are freed from the bondage of sin to experience the good of creation. What was suffering becomes pure love, received eternally from God and poured out in eternal love for God and our neighbours.

In Christ, grace invades our depravity and by Christ’s suffering and resurrection life we are made whole. If we reject this grace, there is no healing and at death we become what we are, lost in the futility of separation from God; eternally subject to the curse of sin.

Eternity is ever present in Christ. God’s love, justice and mercy are revealed at the moment of death. We die to ourselves now and draw our first resurrection breath or we will die to eternal separation as we draw our last breath.

Jesus comes to breathe his resurrection Spirit into us now. The new creation breath that brings eternal life and empowers us to live a life of service to God and our neighbour.

John 20:19-23